Chaos64 – Game Jam Build

Chaos 64 Game Download

Chaos64, a short and intense puzzle action platformer made for the Low Rez Jam, has you making your way through your exploding spaceship after it’s suffered a catastrophic attack!

Your ship has been attacked, so you now have to make your way through it, dispatching the intruders. You have your gun and a handy telekinetic power to keep you alive through this harsh environment. … Read More

1985 – Game Jam Build


1985, a Super Mario Bros inspired metroidvania platformer made for the Low Rez Jam, has you taking Mario on a new (and slightly warped) adventure!

In 1985 you play Mario, as he embarks on an adventure through a somewhat familiar land. This world is open for your exploration, giving you little guidance as to where to go. You must just explore and see … Read More

Slumber Knight – Game Jam Build Download

Slumber Knight

Slumber Knight, an arcade game made for the Low Rez Jam, has you jumping through the darkness, looking to kill demons in an odd blend of dungeon crawling and Flappy Bird-style gameplay.

A demon has woken you from your sleep. It has eaten you, causing you to appear in a strange area that has paths of squares. You can only see one … Read More

Time Traveling Space Pirates – Game Jam Build Download

time travelling space pirates game

Time Traveling Space Pirates, a fun looting, rum drinking, pirate game made for the Low Rez Jam, has you pretending to be pirates while you pillage inferior earthlings!

You and your gang of alien friends have decided to go to Earth and pretend to be pirates! You got a ship and plan on docking at islands to then pillage and steal their treasure. After … Read More