A Memory of Eternity – Game Jam Build

A Memory of Eternity, a hardcore rogue-like platformer made for the LowRezJam 2017, sees you slaying enemies and levelling up your abilities as you attempt to rescue your soul.

In A Memory of Eternity you play a small creature who isn’t particularly agile. As a matter of fact, all of your skills; magic, agility, speed, and attack is quite low. You will need to … Read More

Don’t Let Them In – Game Jam Build Download

Dont let them in game download

Don’t Let Them In, a pixelated survival game made for the LowRezJam, has you fighting waves of monsters who are lurking outside your home.

You are inside your home, which is rather maze like to be frank, and also full of monsters. Each wave brings stronger monsters in varying numbers – which you must fight off. Dotted around your house and garden, there are … Read More

7 Deeds – Game Jam Build Download

7 Deeds Game Download

7 Deeds, a creepy pixelated horror game made for the LowRezJam, has you attempting to survive in a monster filled home for 7 whole days!

In 7 Deeds you control Stan, a little 10 year old boy alone in his monster filled home. Despite the monsters creeping around your rather large home, you must survive each night until 9:30, when they move onto their … Read More