WAYWARD – Game Jam Build Download


WAYWARD, a beautifully animated and super tough game made for the Ludum Dare 33, has you hunting wild animals after one of them has stolen a baby from the tribe.

A baby was taken from your tribe by a wolf like animal. You have been chosen to hunt and kill all of that type of animal, so that your tribe will not lose anymore … Read More

Wild Flirting – Game Jam Build Download

Wild Flirting

Wild Flirting, a fun game made for the Ludum Dare 33, has you looking for a potential mate via a dating app on your phone and trying not to scare them off with your beast-like behaviour.

You have been quite lonely lately. Being a monster, you aren’t too good at normal social conventions, though you want to try your luck at love. After practicing … Read More

Inokan – Game Jam Build


Inokan, a Ludum Dare 33 game, is a super tough action platformer in which you’re on a mission to free young souls from a strange, new dimension.

Inokan, the main character, has woken up in the Shadows Gnarled Dimension. This dimension is filled with souls of unholy intentions, trapped by the Lord of wandering shadows – Deformibus Tenebris. You must free these unholy souls, allowing … Read More

Beast Mode – Game Jam Build

Beast Mode

Become the King of the Gym in this Ludum Dare 33 entry – Beast Mode, a bro-tastic QWOP-like pixel art weightlifting game.

While working out at X-Fit, you realize how much better you are than everyone at lifting weights. With tons of weights littering the gym floor, other members walk around and begin to lift. You know you have what it takes to be the … Read More