ARTYS – Game Jam Build Download


ARTYS, a cleverly crafted narrative/puzzler made for the Ludum Dare 36, in which you tell an ancient robot about life on your world and the robot tells you what caused the destruction of its civilization.

You have found a robot left to rot inside an abandoned building. This robot hums to life, curious about your civilization and how you have come to find it. … Read More

Chadwick the Charismagnetic – Game Jam Build Download


Chadwick the Charismagnetic, a challenging arcade game made for the Ludum Dare 36, has you moving a little knight around an environment around with a giant magnet!

Chadwick is trapped in this circular dungeon, only able to move by the magnetic force of a giant magnet located outside the dungeon. This magnet can only move around the circle outside the room. Each time a … Read More

Emily Morrison’s Garden – Game Jam Build


Emily Morrison’s Garden, a hardcore survival planting game made for the Ludum Dare 36, has you trying to keep the planet alive by planting lots of flowers in the correct seasons.

You are on an alien-like planet that rapidly changes seasons. These seasons slowly take over the land in sections, changing the environment as the day passes. The seeds that you have only work … Read More

Video Telefaxer 570X – Game Jam Build


Video Telefaxer 570X, a ‘realistic fax machine and other ancient technology simulator’ made for the Ludum Dare 36, has you trying to flip through manuals and work this old, slow and baffling technology!

Do you remember the (bad) old days when people sent faxes to other people? How about recording VHS tapes on the computer? Well, now’s your chance to relive these memories or … Read More

The Cave of Wonders – Game Jam Build

cave of wonder

The Cave of Wonders, a charming point and click made for the Ludum Dare 36, has you using a mysterious portal to discover technologies from the past, present, and future.

You have woken up in a strange cave. After discovering how to light up this place, you will find there are various items dotted around, as well as a giant stone portal in the … Read More