Shifting Dreamscape – Game Jam Build

Shifting Dreamscape, a challenging retro platformer made for the Ludum Dare 40, sees you playing a slime, who needs to sleep to change the environment – without sleeping too much and slipping into an eternal nightmare.

In Shifting Dreamscape, you start off in an adorable dream world, controlling a cute little slime in a nightcap. Occasionally you’ll come across a section of the … Read More

The More Hair You Have… – Game Jam Build

The More Hair You Have… is a short but important little game that deals with issues of social pressure and the stigma of female body hair.

In The More Hair You Have… you play a young woman who is walking along the beach minding your own business. Then occasionally some body hair will grow and a passerby will shout at you until you use your … Read More

Hyper Diapers – Game Jam Build

Hyper Diapers, a chaotic baby managing game made for the Ludum Dare 40, has you trying to keep your mischievous children alive and away from all of the dangers found in a household!

In this adorable game, you are managing babies – the most reckless and troublesome babies that have ever been born. And they are still being born – the parents of these … Read More

Complicity Inc. – Game Jam Build

Complicity Inc., a multitasking administration game made for the Ludum Dare 40, has you taking part in an increasing number of administration jobs in a secretive organisation.

You are a new employee at Complicity Inc., looking to impress your superiors, keep your job and get paid each day. You start off with simple tasks like refuelling. What are you refuelling? Who knows, and there … Read More

Samurai Shaver – Game Jam Build

Samurai Shaver, a rhythm action shaving game made for the Ludum Dare 40, sees you using precision timing to shave all of the hair off people entering the dojo with your samurai sword!

Being a Samurai isn’t all its cut out to be. Some of the time, you get stuck with jobs like shaving hairy people who don’t want so much hair on their … Read More