The Cold Remains of Warmer Days – Game Jam Build

The Cold Remains of Warmer Days, a surreal experimental game made for the last three Ludum Dares, sees you dealing with the loss of someone you love, who has moved onto a new relationship.

The third game in a trilogy of experimental games, The Cold Remains of Warmer Days sees you playing through scenes that relate to different aspects of being broken up with. … Read More

Ghostly Getaway – Game Jam Build

Ghostly Getaway, a haunted sokoban style puzzler made for the Ludum Dare 43, see you trying to get you freedom back by killing yourself and escaping various jail cells.

You and your family have been locked up and it is going to take some sacrifice to actually get yourselves back out! You play a cowboy, who must push blocks, activate fans, and find their … Read More

Neon Tank Warrior – Game Jam Build

Neon Tank Warrior has you sacrificing a lot as you go on an epic journey, after the fall of bitcoins and the society as we know it, to the legendary city of light.

Neon colored tanks are taking the journey to the city of light, despite the many costs that come with their travels. This journey is quite long, and there is no direct guide … Read More

Your God Demands… – Game Jam Build

Your God Demands… is a challenging single screen platformer where you need to make sure you sacrifice the correct monsters to your all-powerful chicken god!

In Your God Demands… you run around a dungeon, trying to keep your chicken god happy by throwing specific monsters into the fire pit in the middle of the screen. The single-screen arcade gameplay is inspired by Super Crate BoxRead More

Rabbit/Wolf – Game Jam Build

Rabbit/Wolf sees you trying to save a town from waves of monsters, but you may have to sacrifice some of them to earn the powers you need to save the rest.

Loads of monsters have invaded a small town, so the citizens have moved into a cave to hide. At the start of the day, you are in the cave with the rest of the … Read More