Seed – Game Jam Build


Seed is a fun little puzzle platformer in which you control a cube who can’t jump, but can traverse between the edges of the screen, and must use this ability to plant a seed and complete the level.

Seed starts off fairly simply, but gets increasingly more complex across its 22 levels, introducing new objects and tasking you with new objectives. The simple control scheme … Read More

No Credit, No Problem – Game Jam Build

no credit no problem

No Credit, No Problem is a short experience inspired by Papers, Please in which you spend a day working for a Title Loan Agent, accepting and declining applicants and charging extortionate amounts of interest.

Throughout the day you must process 10 applicants, scrutinising their application details for any errors and irregularities.  You have five rules that you must abide by when granting loans:  Applicants must … Read More

Micromancer – Game Jam Build


Micromancer is a charming pixel art action strategy game in which you reanimate corpses to fight in your undead army, recruiting slain enemies as you go.

You start each level in with just your necromancer king, a powerful sorcerer who is unable to fight but has the nifty ability to raise the dead and form an army.  You start each level by raising the dead … Read More

20 Days at Sea – GameJam Build Download

20 Days at Sea

20 Days at Sea tasks you with surviving a shipwreck by diving, gathering resources, crafting tools and even eating pieces of your dead partner.

You play Margret, who while out at sea with your partner (John), encounters a freak storm which destroys your ship.  You must then search and scavenge for supplies which yo can consume or use to craft items which will aid your … Read More

Last Ark – GameJam Build

last ark

Last Ark is an interesting roguelike space adventure that sees you controlling a symbiote who’s piloting a craft containing all that remains of the human race, as you search the Universe for a planet that can support life.

As you explore the Universe you’ll have to make some pretty tough decisions in order to manage your energy, health and resource levels.  As you search for … Read More