Vapor – Beta Download


Vapor is a virtual interpretation of Samsara, in which players will find themselves wandering through the cycle of reincarnation, through means of exploration and visual inference.

Seeking out the insignias that lead to new “worlds”, the game moves through phases in a dreamlike rendering of one’s life choices and what options and paths in life that were offered all along. It could be a … Read More

Gorogoa – IGF Award Winner – Alpha Demo

gorogoa game

We see a lot of interesting games at Alpha Beta Gamer, but Gorogoa is 15 minutes of the most unique, innovative and intelligent gameplay we’ve experienced this year.

Gameplay is spilt across four beautifully illustrated and animated panels that helped win it the IGF Excellence in Visual Arts Award.  These four panels can be moved around, zoomed in and out of and placed on top … Read More



Standpoint is a first-person puzzle-platformer, where you can manipulate the orientation of your surroundings to allow you to traverse levels.  It’s an inventive mechanic, when combined with the striking visual style and accompanying narrator, it comes across as a great mixture of VVVVVV and Portal.

Standpoint is shaping up to be an enjoyable and intelligent first person puzzler, the Beta Demo includes the prologue for … Read More


screen07 copy

Major League Wizardry is a great new trading card game that pits wizard against wizard in turn based warfare.

MLW has a fantastic hand drawn art style, with monster designs that are especially inventive and fun, adding a lot of character to the game.  The game’s easily accessible to newcomers, but also has plenty of depth courtesy of the wide variety of monsters, spells and … Read More