1-1 – Game jam Build

1-1 is a fun little game that reimagines level 1-1 of Super Mario Bros in some very different ways – from a text adventure to a battle royale parody!

Created for the Nordic Game Jam 2019, 1-1 sees you playing through the first part of Super Mario Bros level 1-1 in ten very different ways. All you have to do in most of the versions … Read More

Super Mario 64 Cool Cool Mountain Unreal Engine 4 Remake – Tech Demo

Super Mario 64 Cool Cool Mountain Unreal Engine 4 Remake is a beautiful Unreal Engine 4 powered recreation of Super Mario 64’s Cool Cool Mountain Level.

Created by CryZENx (whose awesome UE4 powered Zelda and Mario remakes we’ve featured previously on Alpha Beta Gamer), The Super Mario 64 Cool Cool Mountain Unreal Engine 4 Remake gives the 2 decade old Cool Cool Mountain a beautiful … Read More

FreezeME, Alpha


FreezeME is a glorious retro N64 style 3D platform game inspired by Mario 64, that allows you to freeze objects and enemies in place with your camera.

As soon as you enter the first world of FreezeME you’re instantly transported back to the glory days of the N64. The huge open world level of the Alpha is big, bold, bright, cheerful, full of surprises and … Read More



Inexistence is a great retro platformer with RPG elements, inspired by Castlevania, Metroid, Mario & Mega Man, that perfectly recreates the feeling of playing a classic SNES game.

It’s great fun exploring the world of Inexistence, with classic retro platforming, puzzles, hidden treasures, items, an RPG style levelling up system and big boss battles.  It’s like a mash-up of everything you liked about classic 16-bit … Read More



The rather long titled DeathOfSerious Mugen Pack World Of Madness is an awesome M.U.G.E.N  based fighter that allows for some very silly (and brilliant) match-ups.  Allowing you to pit Homer Vs Peter Griffin, Megaman vs Sub Zero, Kirby Vs Spider man, Iron Man Vs  Kirby and Mario Vs Spongebob.

The roster in the Alpha currently includes 30 characters battling over 20 classic video game stages, … Read More