Möira – Alpha Demo

Moira game

Möira, a game being created by Onagro Studios, is an impressive retro wizardy action platformer in which you can mimic and combine other peoples spells with some very nifty results.

You play as Rubick, a young man learning to become a powerful wizard. Under the guidance of his master, Zeppeli, Rubick learns the ability to mimic other peoples spells for his own use. Impressed … Read More

2 Button Metroidvania – Game Jam Build Download

2-button-metroidvania-game download

2 Button Metroidvania is a brutally difficult, retro precision platformer built for Ludum Dare 34 that takes the game jam’s theme of “Two Button Controls” to its natural conclusion.

Essentially, 2 Button Metroidvania is exactly what it says on the tin. You have access to only two buttons: the ‘a’ key does mostly jumping-based actions and the ’s’ key performs mostly shooting-based actions. All of … Read More

Spirit Hearts – Game Jam Build Download

Spirit Hearts

Spirit Hearts is 2D puzzle-shooter game built for Ludum Dare 34 where you play as a spirit named Night as he explores the strange and mystical towers of the Spirt World on his quest to collect the much coveted Spirit Hearts.

As you float through the hauntingly beautiful, pixellated world, you’ll encounter evil spirits wandering the lonely halls of the tower. Fortunately for you, … Read More

Dire Vengeance – Alpha Demo

Dire Vengeance

Dire Vengeance, a game being developed by Magic Shot Games, is a fast paced 2D action platformer with a heavy influence from the Castlevania games of old.

You play as Pandora, an extremely talented warrior who must decide the fate of the very world she protects. With her enchanted armour, that absorbs the souls of all that she vanquishes, you gain the ability to … Read More

Parasite – Alpha Demo


Parasite is a metroidvania-style puzzle-platformer that places you in the role of an alien worm, desperate to rid your home planet of a recent human infestation.

As a simple worm creature, you only have a single weapon at your disposal: the ability to infect a host and control their actions. As you crawl through the labyrinthine corridors of the humans’ space station, you will find … Read More