Minotaur – Game Jam Build Download

Minotaur is a stylish and creepy little tilt-ball labyrinth game where you attempt to guide a ball through a labyrinth where a minotaur gets enraged and shakes the labyrinth whenever you cheat.

Minotaur is essentially a digital version of one of those ball rolling labyrinth puzzles you played with as a kid. It is, however, a very tough one though and it gets angry at … Read More

Minotaur – Alpha Demo

Minotaur download game

Minotaur is a fantastic blend of point and click adventure gameplay and high quality visual novel aesthetics with gorgeous artwork, inventive puzzles, humor, five playable characters, multiple endings and rich sci-fi narrative that revolves around nine people who find themselves trapped in their own home.

Minotaur draws inspiration from modern visual novel adventures such as Zero Escape and Danganronpa, as well as classic Lucasarts … Read More