Iona: Coded Will – Student Project Download

iona coded will 1

Iona: Coded Will is a first person parkour game, a la Mirrors Edge, with fun, challenging gameplay and cool, futuristic Tron-like visuals.

You play Iona, a female cyborg who gained consciousness and is trying to escape the factory where she was built.  This factory is basically one huge, well designed obstacle course, full of moving machinery, lasers and deadly falls.  You have plenty of … Read More

Lemma – Alpha Download

lemma 2

We first featured Lemma back in September last year, but this free form first-person parkour game has come along leaps and bounds since then (excuse the pun).

You play Physics grad student Joan Emerson who has uncovered the mysterious voxel based world of Lemma, full of strange floating landscapes and surfaces that react to your presence.  The movement of your character should feel familiar to … Read More



Sixside is a nice first person free-running platform game, similar to Mirrors Edge, but with Tron style visuals, and MUCH harder.

Players use a combination of wall jumps and platforming skills to traverse the levels as fast as they can while trying to not plummet to their death (which they will).  The difficulty is reminiscent of Super Meat Boy, and similarly to SMB, there’s a … Read More