Winning Putt – Open Beta

Winning-Putt game

Winning Putt is an impressive looking new massively multiplayer golfing game from Bandai Namco, previously only mysteriously known as Project New Sky, that allows players to immerse themselves in a virtual world, full of golfing goodness.

As well as offering a variety of golf courses, nice visuals, character customisation and equipment upgrades as found in most golf games, Winning Putt also implements some innovative MMO-esque systems, … Read More

Black Desert Online – Open Beta

Black Desert Online beta

Black Desert Online is a hotly anticipated action high fantasy action MMORPG with Assassins Creed-style parkour and exciting combat with manual targeting, dodging and combos.

It’s gorgeous looking game, with detailed character models, a large open world complete with weather systems and dynamic day/night cycles.  Players can customise and upgrade their characters, train mounts and furnish their houses, but it’s the combat that’s the … Read More

Tiny Mighty – Open Beta

tiny mighty beta

Tiny Mighty is a new MMORPG that we’re amazed has got past Marvel’s lawyers, with it’s adorable (but surely copyright infringing) super-cute versions of the comic book giants super heroes.

The characters in Tiny Mighty do have slightly different names from the Marvel originals, so you end up with characters called ‘Rabid Racoon’, ‘Black Spider’, The Hunk’, ‘Human Fire’, ‘Magnet Man’ and ‘The Archer’ among many the … Read More