Modlands – Alpha Download

Modlands is a charming colony building game with easily accessible gameplay, stylish voxel based visuals and innovative Twitch support that allows viewers to become your colonists and play along cooperatively or competitively via chat.

First featured on Alpha Beta Gamer last June, Modlands sees you taking control of a little colony of cute little blocky characters and helping them harvest resources, explore, craft, build … Read More

Modlands – Alpha Sign Up

Modlands Alpha Sign Up

Modlands is a an innovative new Twitch-friendly game that blends the building/crafting gameplay of Minecraft with the colony simulation of Dwarf Fortress and RimWorld, but also uses the magic of Twitch integration to allow people in your chat to join in the game as characters and control them with chat commands!

In Modlands you can explore new lands and fill them with a variety … Read More