Momentum – Student Game Download

Momentum is a stylish Sci-Fi first person puzzle platforming adventure where you where you manipulate the time phases of different objects to make your way through a mysterious temple and stop the time continuum from falling apart.

Created by students at FutureGames, Momentum takes place in a future where humanity has figured out how to harvest time from different timelines. Unfortunately this has caused the … Read More

Momentum – Beta Demo

Momentum Download Game

Momentum is a stylish minimalistic precision flying game that’s controlled with just one button, that sees you plotting your course between a series of dash and rotation points on each level.

Momentum is simple to pick up and play but hard to master, with you using a single button to control the trajectory you take through the levels. You don’t have direct control of your … Read More

Momentum – Alpha Demo

Momentum is a highly challenging physics based ball-rolling platformer where you tilt the levels to guide your ball through increasingly tricky levels across beautiful and tranquil environments.

Gameplay will be fairly familiar to anyone who’s played any of the Super Monkey Ball series, but where SMB has an anarchic atmosphere that escalates tension and frustration, Momentum‘s audio & visuals guve off a wonderfully relaxed … Read More