Wounded – Alpha Demo


Wounded, a game being created by Workbench Entertainment, is an extremely eerie survival horror game in which you search for your missing daughter in a very creepy hotel.

Wounded induces fear, sweaty palms and an increased heart beat but with its tense atmosphere, creepy sounds and beautifully written score. You play as a father in search of your daughter after a car accident. You … Read More

Dead Knight – Pre-Alpha Download

dead knight 4

Dead Knight, a game created by BackTerria (creator of ROCKROCKET & The Aspect), is a 2D punishing pixel art styled Roguevania that’s a nostalgic throwback to games like Castlevania and Metroid.

The start of the gaming leaves a burning question in the back of your mind, Why did your wife kill you? As you seek answers in the beautifully drawn 2D world … Read More

Eclipse War Online – Open Beta

eclipse war online

Eclipse War Online is a new card collecting MMORPG with over 700 cards to collect and the ability for your character to transform into an monster in the game.

This transformation ability dramatically changes the game, with a selection of monsters that’s wide and varied, including Ent-style creatures, behemoths, sorcerers, ogres, insects and birds.  It’s an interesting gameplay mechanic, and means that there’s always a … Read More