Ghost in the Shell: First Assault – Open Beta (Steam)

ghost in the shell game

Ghost in the Shell: First Assault is a team-based tactical online multiplayer first person shooter in which you play an augmented super-soldier battling terrorists on the streets of the Ghost in the Shell world.

We covered Ghost in the Shell: First Assault a last September when it was in its closed Beta phase, and had fun with the characters special abilities and brutal OTT combat.  … Read More

Galactic Junk League – Open Alpha

Galactic Junk League

Galactic Junk League is an impressive sci-fi arena combat game in which you can build and customize ships from a variety of technologically advanced parts then do battle across various game modes.

We first covered Galactic Junk League a month ago during the closed Beta test, but now it’s open for all.  In the game players can build all manner of craft, from nimble starfighters … Read More