Lantern Bearer – Game Jam Build Download

Lantern Bearer

Lantern Bearer, a challenging, well polished game made for the My First Game Jam, is a Meat Boy-esque platformer in which you play a cute little bear attempting to escape a deep well.

This charming little game, inspired by 1001 Spikes and Super Meat Boy starts with two bears who sitting on a well, when all of a sudden, a snake popped out … Read More

Lost Dreams – Game Jam Build Download

Lost Dreams

Lost Dreams, a beautiful adventure with adult themes made for My First Game Jam, has you using rhythm based combat and solving puzzles as you explore and conquer the fears of a young child.

You are a dreaming child who was once unhappy. The only place you found sanctum was in your sleep, so you decided to sleep forever. This was okay for a … Read More

The Travels Of The Dung Beetle – Game Jam Build

dung beetle

The Travels Of The Dung Beetle is a cute, little Katamari-esque collecting game built for My First Game Jam where you play as a dung beetle rolling up bits of poop.

Dung beetles are not exactly known for being the Animal Kingdom’s most beloved insect, and so one would think that a game about building a big ball of fecal matter wouldn’t come across … Read More