Myha – Game Jam Build Download


Myha, a strange adventure game made for the Myst Jam, has you stranded on a strange planet with your broken rocket ship.

Your mission was simple – go and investigate a distress signal that came from the moon. You land on the moon, without issue, and come to find that there is nothing there. No distress beacon, no people to send a signal, only … Read More

Rhiannon – Game Jam Build Download

rhiannon game

Rhiannon is a very stylish game made for the Myst Jam, in which you explore a bizarre and beautiful world inspired by the songs of Fleetwood Mac and The Weeknd.

You are an old man who is making his way to the City. You are not sure why you are going this way, just that you are following some strange, yellow, glowing bugs. You are … Read More