Sinister Stars – Game Jam Build Download

Sinister Stars

Sinister Stars, a mysterious and creepy game made for the Mystic Wester Jam, has you exploring the desert at night, looking for fallen stars as shadowy figures close in around you.

You were sitting in a cave by your fire, enjoying the night sky, then set out to adventure into the darkness around you. As you started walking away from your camp, the stars … Read More

Stuck in a Muddle with You – Game Jam Build Download

Stuck in the muddle with you game

Stuck in a Muddle with You, the narrative prequel to Til Cows Tear Us Apart made for the Mystic Western Jam, is a wonderfully written adventure that sees you stuck in a desert with your clingy girlfriend and a nagging manifestation of your conscience.

Louise and Nora have landed on a desert planet, far away from where they previously came from. This desert is … Read More