Necropolis – Beta Download


Necropolis is a rather awesome standalone Doom Total conversion First Person Brawler with RPG elements, set in a very stylish black and white world full of weird and wonderful monsters trying to rip you to (papery) shreds.

The game is still far from complete, but it’s already great fun with a cool paper-craft visual style, 3 different playable classes (Mage, Huntress & Cleric), each with … Read More


Necropolis is a cool new first person rogue-like adventure game with a fantastic hand drawn black and white art style.  You explore the well crafted fantasy world of Necropolis, fighting a host of paper-crafted mythical beasts and enemies.  The full release will also incorporate multiplayer, so you’ll be able to explore it’s fascinating world with friends.

Update: Unfortunately the Alpha is no longer available

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