Press F to Win – Game Jam Build

press F to win

Press F to Win, a game made for the Nordic Game Jam 2015, is a funny, short, obvious game.

This game is really rather easy to win, just simply press ‘F’.  But is that really all there is to this?  (Obviously not or we wouldn’t bother writing about it!).

The game will keep prompting you to press ‘F’ for different things, such as going … Read More

Express Delivery – Game Jam Build

express delivery

Express Delivery, a short game made for the Nordic Game Jam 2015, takes you on the most stressful ride of your life.

In this funny but short game you play a taxi cab driver who has just picked up a woman who is in the late stages of labor, and must reach the hospital before the baby arrives. This seems like an impossible task … Read More