Okinawa Rush – Beta Demo

Okinawa Rush is a beautifully animated side-scrolling action platformer brawler where you battle ninjas and demons in feudal Japan.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer way back in 2017, Okinawa Rush is an action platforming brawler with a fluid combat system, lots of on-screen carnage and characters with very large movesets. It takes place in feudal Japan and sees martial artists Hiro, Meilin and … Read More

Okinawa Rush – Alpha Demo

okinawa rush

Okinawa Rush is an incredible new 2D side scrolling beat-em-up with fantastic pixel art animation, fast and flowing combat, and a massive Street Fighter-esque move-set with a wide array of attacks and special abilities.

Okinawa Rush takes the classic 90’s style arcade side scrolling brawler and infuses it with modern game design and fast skill based combat. As well as having a vast array … Read More