DeadHop – Game Jam Build


Deadhop, a game made for the OlliOlli Skate Jam, will have you bouncing off zombies heads with your skateboarding skills.

This game is sort of like an endless runner, where you must skate forwards away from a horde of zombies, while more zombies are also running at you head-on. You can either jump over these zombies, which means that they will most likely join … Read More

Manuel – Game Jam Build


Manuel, a game made for the OlliOlli Skate Jam, may have you addicted to a simple skateboard trick.

This charming game has you performing manuals and nose manuels  (sort of like a wheelies and endos but on a skateboard).  Half of your skateboard is green, the other half is pink. The sidewalk also matches that color, being either green or pink. Depending on the … Read More