TIRELESS: Prepare For The Adrenaline – Open Beta

TIRELESS: Prepare For The Adrenaline is an incredibly fast speedrunning third person platformer where you run, dash, jump and slide through challenging neon-filled courses.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer back in 2021, TIRELESS is an adrenaline-fuelled Unreal Engine 5 powered platformer that’s all about the speed. In the game you take control of a humanoid shaped robot called a Pacer and then race … Read More

Run Prop, Run! – Open Beta

Run Prop, Run! is a lighthearted eight player game of hide-and-seek, inspired by the classic Prop Hunt mod, which sees players attempting to disguise themselves as part of the scenery to avoid detection.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the closed Beta key giveaway, Run Prop, Run! is a charming cartoony Prop Hunt style multiplayer game where Hunters try to find players hiding … Read More

GALAHAD 3093 – Open Beta

GALAHAD 3093 is a 32 player mech-based hero shooter where you customize and pilot heavily armed mechs that are based on Arthurian legend.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the closed Beta sign up last year, GALAHAD 3093 is an incredibly cool looking hero shooter where highly mobile and heavily armed mechs do battle. The mech pilots (Knights), and their mechs (Lances) draw … Read More

Worms Rumble – Open Beta

Worms Rumble is a fun new take on the classic Worms franchise which switches up the traditional turn based artillery warfare in favor of some fast paced real-time worm-on-worm mayhem!

Featured on Alpha Beta Gamer back in July during the closed Beta Sign Up, Worms Rumble is now in open Beta so everyone can jump in for some worm-fraggin fun. It features 32 player deathmatch … Read More

Hoverloop – Open Beta

Hoverloop is a fast paced multiplayer arena shooter where players pilot heavily armed and highly agile hover drones in gladiatorial battles for the entertainment of the masses.

Taking place in the year 2077, Hoverloop is essentially a super high tech version of Robot Wars, which sees customizable battle drones attempting to blow each other up in competitive multiplayer matches. It’s playable with four players … Read More