O.R.B. (Offensive Rolling Bot) – Alpha Demo

O.R.B. (Offensive Rolling Bot) is a challenging 2D run n’ gun precision platformer where you can transform into a Metroid-esque ball to help you traverse obstacles.

In O.R.B. you control a nimble little robot who is armed with two different types of guns and the ability to transform into a bouncing metal ball that can move faster and jump higher than your … Read More

ORB – Alpha Download

ORB Game Download

ORB, a beautiful interstellar puzzle game mixes shoot em’ up-esque space exploration and grid based puzzles as you collect new abilities, chase stars and attempt to piece together your fragmented world.

In ORB you control a ball of light that floats around outer space, exploring the environment and chasing stars. Each star is quite far away, so you must travel to it avoiding asteroids … Read More