Run Far – Prototype Download

Run Far

Run Far is a fun first person action game, that blends Mirrors Edge-style parkour with fast, colourful arcade gameplay inspired by Jet Set Radio and the Tony Hawk Pro Skater series.

You play Marina – a parkour enthusiast who needs to travel on the city’s transit system but don’t have enough money – but luckily there’s plenty of cash hidden around the level just … Read More

Rising Islands – Pre-Alpha Demo

Rising Islands

Rising Islands is a fun dimension-flipping third person platformer that plays like a blend of Sonic and Mirrors Edge, with you using your parkour skills to collect energy shards and speed-run through levels as fast as possible.

Set in a mystical land that has been torn apart and split into two dimensions, you control Hairo, a young adventurer who has the power to jump … Read More

Zineth – Student Project Download


Zineth is a super-cool arcade third person parkour roller skating runner with a colorful art style and fun gameplay that makes you jump, slide and glide in a huge open world.

Reminiscent of SEGA’s classic – Jet Set Radio – you skate at high speeds through vast areas of cel shaded beauty, jumping, gliding, sliding and grinding from one point to another at high speed … Read More

404Sight – Alpha Download


404Sight is a first and third person speed-run parkour game inspired by Mirror’s Edge and Devils Tuning Fork, with an ability to ‘Ping’ your surroundings and a meaningful message about protecting Net Neutrality.

The loss of Net Neutrality is a big issue that not enough people are talking about, so the devs of 404Sight have built a game around it.  While running and jumping … Read More