Ignite – Game Jam Build Download

Ignite is a beautiful hand painted puzzle adventure that sees you solving tile sliding puzzles to try and bring back a loved one.

In Ignite you explore a gorgeous hand painted game world and solve puzzled embedded in large crystal structures. These puzzles require you to slide tiles around to create pictures and start off fairly simply but can get quite tricky towards the end. … Read More

Destiny 2 – Open Beta (PC)

Destiny 2 PC Open Beta

Destiny 2 is now in Open Beta on PC with players able to download and play it now via the Blizzard app!

It’s finally here, PC players can now set foot in the Destiny Universe and and sample Bungie’s ambitious massively multiplayer first person shooter. The PC Destiny 2 Open Beta content is pretty much the same as the PS4 and Xbox One Open BetaRead More

Overwatch – Open Beta

overwatch open beta

Overwatch is finally going into Open Beta! Previously only open to those with keys, the Open Beta starts tomorrow, with players able to download and play the game on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

The Overwatch Open Beta takes place between May 5th (tomorrow) and finishes on the 9th, and will allow players to access the full roster of characters, maps and features that will … Read More

Supernova – Open Beta

Supernova open beta

Supernova, BANDAI NAMCO’s fun fusion of real time strategy and MOBA gameplay is now in Open Beta.

We first features Supernova back in November, while it was in closed Beta and were pleasantly surprised with it’s interesting take on the MOBA genre, infusing it with real time strategy elements, such as the ability to command the production and dispersal of your minions. Since … Read More

Mainlining – Prototype Download

mainlining game

Mainlining is a very impressive adventure game that puts you in the shoes of a cybercrime investigator for MI7, with you hacking into criminals computer systems and gathering enough evidence for an arrest.

Mainlining is played via a virtual desktop (running on a Rainbow™ operating system), with you chatting to other colleagues via a messenger client and email, using a browser to look up suspicious … Read More