Welcome – Game Jam Build


Welcome, a point and click made for the Locus Jam, has you spending 30 surreal days in a super small hotel room.

You are in a single room, with only a bed and a small cubby for your stuff. Each day, you can look out the window, play some music, watch a few DVD’s and go to sleep. This is all you have for … Read More

Trosor – Game Jame Build Download


Trosor, made for the Ludum Dare 34 game jam is a colourful platformer with some light shooting – except there aren’t any enemies.

Exploring the theme ‘Two Button Controls’ enforced by the Ludum Dare competition, Trosor sees you, the player navigating simple ‘get to the exit’ style levels using just two buttons – Jump, and Shoot.

When the player jumps, he jumps forwards. When … Read More

Grimoire: Manastorm – Beta Key Giveaway (Steam)

Grimoire Manastorm

Grimoire: Manastorm is a fun and fast paced multiplayer wizard shooter where players take control over six powerful customisable character classes and take part in intense battles with gameplay inspired by Quake, Skyrim, DOTA and Team Fortress.

The game is currently in Steam Early Access and features two game modes: Conquest (control point area control on larger maps) and Free-For-All (Deathmatch style on smaller … Read More

Hide The Body – Game Jam Build Download

Hide The Body

Hide the Body is a fun local multiplayer game in which one player chops up a dead body and hides all the body parts, then the second player searches the room to find them!

Anybody can dispose of a body with enough time (just ask Walter White), but unfortunately you don’t have much of it – with only one minute to chop up and hide … Read More

Reset – Alpha Demo

Reset game

Reset is a gorgeous first person sci-fi puzzle adventure in which you record versions of yourself and work alongside them to solve large open-world puzzles.

You pilot a mech on a large 16 square km island set in a beautifully rendered dystopian future, with 30 unique puzzle areas that you can solve in any order you like.  Your mech isn’t the most agile of vehicles, … Read More