Hyperspace Pinball – Beta Key Giveaway (Steam)

Hyperspace Pinball

Hyperspace Pinball is a great blend of classic pinball gameplay and arcade shoot-em-up action that sees you taking on waves of enemies and bosses on a variety of pinball tables.

As with pinball you hit the balls with the flappers and aim for a high score, but in Hyperspace Pinball you also have to contend with enemies, bonuses, mini-challenges, power-ups and bosses.  This adds another … Read More



_Speed_ is a fun top-down futuristic racer inspired by Micro Machines and WipEout, with clean, colourful aesthetics and fun fast paced gameplay.  There’s a nice selection of game modes, race-crafts, and power-ups all wrapped up in a stylish futuristic setting.  Ships handle superbly, races are fast paced and fun, and it’s got an excellent soundtrack.  It really does feel like a 2D, top-down WipEout, and … Read More



Rodina is a wonderfully ambitious space exploration RPG inspired by Freelancer, Star Fox, and the Elder Scrolls.

Like the upcoming ‘No Mans Sky’, it features large, procedurally generated planets that you can seamlessly land on and explore, going from the depths of space to walking the planet with no load times whatsoever.  You can also wander around your ship in first person, or or upgrade … Read More



Haunted Memories is a survival horror game set in a creepy, haunted dream world.  The game looks visually stunning, and combined with the unsettling soundtrack, it really builds a tense atmosphere.

On your journey through the world you’ll meet others who are trapped there too, and choose to help them, or condemn them to eternal dreaming.  You’ll also discover why you’re in this nightmare, and … Read More