Death Tractor – Prototype Download

death tractor

Death Tractor is a corn farming simulator that features accurate corn farming physics, real-time growth patterns and DEATH! (or to be a little more accurate it’s first person Pac Man in a corn field full of whirling death machines).

Created as an April Fools day pet project (with the possibility of becoming a full game if demand is high enough to get it through Greenlight), … Read More

Alpha Beta Gamer YouTube Page


Alpha Beta Gamer is proud to announce the launch of it’s YouTube Homepage.  We’re not planing to create many videos page, but we’re keen to spread the word about YouTubers who have found games through our site.

Anyone who uploads a video of a game they found on the ABG site and links it back to the original ABG post will be added to the … Read More


Cypher is a cool new retro side-scrolling shooter with online multi-player, with fast paced gameplay and hacking mechanics.  You control an agent who’s at war against corrupt government of Mars, using your hacking skills and fighting skills to steal the data that will bring them down.  Unfortunately there are other organisations out to steal the data too.

Cypher plays really well, with a nice array … Read More