Berserker and Thumbnail Maker – Game Jam Build

Berserker and Thumbnail Maker is a cleverly crafted little puzzle platformer where you copy and paste thumbnails of sections of the levels to allow a lost Viking to escape a dungeon.

Created for the Weekly Game Jam, in Berserker and Thumbnail Maker the character you control isn’t the titular Berserker, but an oddly cute little transparent thumbnail maker with eyes. The Berserker auto-walks through each … Read More

POOM – Game Jam Build Download

POOM is an incredible DOOM Demake created within the 8-bit constraints of the PICO-8 fantasy console!

Created for 7dfps 2020, POOM manages to take everything that’s great about DOOM and the squish it into the tiny confines of the PICO-8 virtual console. For those unaware the PICO-8 is essentially supposed to be about as powerful as a NES, has a 128×128 pixel resolution and should … Read More

John Mambo – Alpha Demo

John Mambo Game Download

John Mambo is a very cool Ikari Warriors style vertically scrolling top down run and gun shooter with gorgeous pixel art animation, challenging old school gameplay and a generous helping of Rambo-lampooning humor.

In John Mambo you play the titular character – a muscle-bound one man army heavily inspired by Stallone’s Rambo. The gameplay offers up plenty of fast paced vertically scrolling arcade-style … Read More

Night Light – Game Jam Build Download

Night Light game

Night Light, a short, atmospheric horror game made for the #30DayDev Jam, has you phasing between two worlds as you investigate a strange noise in your house in the middle of the night.

Something or someone has broken into your house in the middle of the night. Unsure of what is going on, you take your flashlight out to investigate. It just seems like … Read More

The Giant’s Fall – Game Jam Build Download

the giants fall game

The Giant’s Fall is a short and super stylish action game in which you have to dodge between a giant’s attacks long enough to get close enough to deliver a killer blow.

The gameplay in The Giant’s Fall is very simple – just dodge left and right to avoid the oncoming attacks then press up when you’re close enough to deliver the killer blow. It’s … Read More