Elysis – Alpha Demo

Elysis game

Elysis is a charming and well crafted Link To The Past-esque top down action RPG in that focuses on gratifying, skill based combat as you explore it’s deadly monster-filled world.

Even though Elysis is still very early in development, the Alpha Demo is a very highly polished experience, with excellent pixel art animation, engaging combat and a fun and easily accessible tutorial. The current … Read More

Tower of Archeos – Beta Download

Tower of archeos

Tower of Archeos is a tricky 2D tile swapping RPG in which you control a band of adventurers as they do battle with powerful enemies, collect loot and level up as they attempt to reach the 10th level of the tower to do battle with an evil sorcerer.

Starting with a lone adventurer, you enter the tower and do battle with a wide array of … Read More

KINGDOM OF LOOT – Alpha Download

Kingdom of loot

KINGDOM OF LOOT is a gorgeous looking 2D pixel art action adventure JRPG MMO that draws inspiration from SNES classics such as The Legend of Zelda and Secret of Mana.

As soon as the game loads up, the soundtrack and charming pixel art visuals transport you back to a the golden era of JRPG’s.  The soundtrack is very impressive with epic sounding melodies, fondly … Read More