Shrouded in Sanity – Alpha Demo

shrouded in sanity

Shrouded in Sanity is a super stylish pixel art action adventure inspired by Resident Evil, Dark Souls and Eternal Darkness, in which you a badass Dante-esque protagonist with a cool sword and a gun, on a quest to eliminate the source of a deadly fog.

Set in an alternative version of 1897, you’ll explore a mysterious estate filled with all manner of miscreants, … Read More

Shadows of Adam – Alpha Demo

shadows of eden

Shadows of Adam is an impressive looking new 2D adventure RPG that draws inspiration from classic 16-bit JRPGs such as the Final Fantasy series, but updates the core gameplay for the modern gamer – streamlining the experience to create an RPG that focuses on fast, engaging and fun gameplay.

Your quest is to help two children save the village of Adam from an approaching darkness … Read More

MegaSphere – Alpha Demo


MegaSphere is a fast paced 2D sci-fi action platforming adventure game with roguelike elements, in which you play as a special ops combat unit in a ‘post-cyberpunk world’ that’s sent out to investigate why stars in a solar systems going dark.

MegaSphere impresses with its supercharged pixel art visuals, engaging atmosphere and its crazy combat.  There’s a great selection of upgradable weaponry that can be … Read More

Wildfire – Alpha Download


Wildfire is a gorgeous looking 2D pixel art stealth platforming game where you manipulate fire to scare away enemies and quickly slip past them, avoiding all contact.

You’ll have to use stealth and your fire manipulation skills to a sneak past a deadly army of swordswomen, skilled archers, and vicious animals. Jump from one platform to another, fall on grass and crouch to produce no … Read More

Petrichor – Prototype Download


Petrichor is a very pretty 2D pixelated adventure platformer where you play as a wandering girl in a mystical world that’s always raining.

As you adventure through this world you’ll overcome obstacles through experimentation and by finding hand drawn notes.  Finding these notes (or a piece of wet paper with a drawing on it) allows you to learn new ways to venture through the world … Read More