vridniX – Alpha Demo


vridniX is a quirky infinite-runner and platforming game where you play as a strange and grumpy creature named vridniX determined to prove his worth to the world — even if he has to destroy it in the process.

When the evil and terrible Trogogluxes attack vridniX’s home world and its inhabitants, vridniX takes it upon himself to find and activate the ultimate weapon to save … Read More

Longbeard – Game Jam Build

longbeard game

Longbeard is a short, stylistic puzzle-platformer built for Ludum Dare 34 where you play a bearded pirate who must collect coins to maintain his impressive facial foliage.

Immediately upon starting up the game, you are greeted by a flashy title scroll and a very epic, sea chanty-inspired soundtrack. It’s hard not to be taken aback by how gorgeous the art of Longbeard is. The painterly … Read More