CRETE – Open Alpha Playtest

CRETE is a third-person biopunk action game with roguelike elements, where you harvest DNA from god-like humanoids and use it to create powerful weapons.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer a year ago, CRETE takes place on an alien planet that’s home to the Ancestors (similar to the Engineers in Prometheus). The Ancestors want to exterminate you so obviously you fight back and you’ll use … Read More

Lens Gloss – Beta Demo

Lens Gloss is a stylish first person puzzle game where you use different reels of film in projectors to create portals to different areas.

In Lens Gloss you step into an eerie painterly version of the mind of an animator who is currently in a coma. You need to piece together important parts of his life to hopefully escape the coma, and to do this … Read More

Megaloot – Open Beta

Megaloot is an inventory management roguelite RPG where your organization skills will mean the difference between life and death.

In Megaloot it’s just you and your equipment against the hordes of monsters in a mysterious tower. You get equipment from chests and the shop, and you can easily equip it by dragging them from your inventory to your equipment slots. The equipment starts off fairly … Read More