Jason The Greek – Alpha Demo

Jason the Greek

Jason The Greek is a point-and-click adventure game retelling the ancient epic of Jason and the Argonauts but with a twist of modern humor and a sprinkling of Star Trek references.

You play as the titular character of Jason as he attempts to reunite with his crew following some shark-related incident on the high seas. Jason The Greek follows closely in the footsteps of the … Read More

My Lucky Day – Student Project

My Lucky Day

My Lucky Day is a grim, experimental game that examines the psychology behind playing the lottery and how it relates to advertising, our dreams, and our realities.

Much of My Lucky Day’s story is told silently through its art direction. The game opens on a gorgeous beachside paradise, where you have nothing to do but relax with a drink in your hand. But this dream … Read More

Memoranda – Beta Demo


Memoranda is a simply gorgeous 2D point-and-click adventure that draws inspiration from the short stories of Japanese contemporary writer Haruki Murakami, in which you play a young woman named Mizuki as she struggles to remember her identity and help the other townsfolk find their lost belongings.

Memoranda has truly spectacular visuals that bring a wonderful storybook quality to each scene. The world of Memoranda feels … Read More