Pokemon VR – Tech Demo

Pokemon VR

Pokemon VR uses Leap Motion, VoiceAttack and Oculus Rift to fully imerse you in the Pokemon experience, allowing you to battle a wild pokemon whith the aid of Pikachu.

Oculus rift draws you into the world, Leap Motion allows you carry out movements (Like throwing pokeballs), while VoiceAttack allows you to speak your commands to your Pokemon. It’s a short Tech Demo created of … Read More


Pokémon Uranium Edition is a great, fan made pokemon game that features very pretty retro graphics, a story with 11 hours of gameplay,  9 towns, 5 badges, 6 sidequests and over 85 fakemon (Pokémon).

The game revolves around 2 characters, Vitor and Natalie, who must collect 6 gym badges to compete in the Regional Tournament.   But bad things are going down in the region of … Read More


Pokémon World Online is essentially a fan made Pokémon MMO that allows you to join up with friends, catch and train Pokémon and battle against online opponents.  It retains the great retro visual style of the original Pokémon games and is constantly evolving to incorporate more of the lore and land of it’s source material.  A lot of fun, and 100% free to play, so … Read More