Wizard Detective – Alpha Demo

Wizard Detective

Wizard Detective is an experimental, narrative-driven game in which you recruit followers and hunt down an evil wizard in a town where everything from the characters to the background music is completely procedurally generated.

You play as a Wizard Detective tasked with ridding a small town of an evil wizard. Unfortunately for you, the evil wizard has disguised themself as an ordinary citizen! In order … Read More

Call of Dudley – Game Jam Build Download

Call of Dudley

Call of Dudley is a simply maddening, experimental, first-person game built for PROCJAM 2015, a game jam focusing on procedural generation in games.

In Call of Dudley, you start the game with very little. Dropped into a eye-scorching labyrinth of rooms, doors, and telephones, you only have the titles screen’s cryptic objectives of “search area” and “render assistance” to guide your actions.

In much … Read More

Secret Habitat – GameJam Build Download

Secret Habitat

Secret Habitat is a wonderful little oddity that allows you to explore a procedurally generated town, full of procedurally generated art museums, which are populated with procedurally generated art and procedurally generated audio clips (Thankfully you don’t need a procedurally generated computer to play it on though).

This triumph of all things procedural looks fantastic, full of angular buildings and striking low poly visuals.  There’s … Read More

Tiny Wizard – Alpha Download

tiny wizard

Tiny Wizard is a fast paced 2D top-down procedurally generated roguelike with a focus on combat and a variety of fun and powerful spells to unleash upon the different creatures that want to kill and devour you.

Each time you defeat a boss you’ll receive a new item for you to test on the creatures, and by test we mean kill them in a cool … Read More

Abomination Tower – Alpha Demo

abomination tower 1

Abomination Tower is a hardcore Super Meat Boy-style platformer with procedurally generated levels that are full of nasty ways die.

You play as a mad scientists creation trapped in a tower where you must ascend the tower to escape (lots of wall jumping). You can unlock heads along the way by collecting eyeballs (having 5 eyeballs when you finish the level will unlock the … Read More