God is a Ghost – Game Jam Build Download


God is a Ghost, a strange game made for the Procedural Generation Jam 2016, has you exploring a weird procedurally generated town, meeting odd characters, drinking coffee, looking for God and hiding from a scary big pink blob.

In God is a Ghost you awake in are in a strange procedurally generated house in a procedurally generated town.  There are many things you can … Read More

Call of Dudley – Game Jam Build Download

Call of Dudley

Call of Dudley is a simply maddening, experimental, first-person game built for PROCJAM 2015, a game jam focusing on procedural generation in games.

In Call of Dudley, you start the game with very little. Dropped into a eye-scorching labyrinth of rooms, doors, and telephones, you only have the titles screen’s cryptic objectives of “search area” and “render assistance” to guide your actions.

In much … Read More