Mind The Traps – Prototype Download

Mind The Traps

Mind The Traps is a fun multiplayer dungeon crawler with a unique blend of co-operation and betrayal as you bump your friends into traps to clear the way for yourself or just to gain the upper hand.

Your goal in Mind The Traps is to make it to the end of a dungeon filled with deadly traps and obstacles.  To do this you’ll have to … Read More

Nexus Sea – Prototype Download

nexus sea

Nexus Sea is a very cool voxel based First Person Shooter/Tower Defence game that tasks you with defending the Nexus (base) from waves off enemy assault.

Before each wave of attack you can purchase turrets, ammo and weaponry to defend the Nexus with.  It’s still very early in development, but already there’s a nice selection of weaponry, including handguns, shotguns and Katanas.  Gameplay is fast … Read More