The Shadow Over Route 80 – Beta Download

The Shadow Over Route 80 is a tense little retro styled first person horror game where an attendant has a very strange shift at a gas station in the American wheat belt.

In The Shadow Over Route 80 you are a gas station attendant who is working the night shift in a remote roadside gas station. It’s not exactly busy so you do a little … Read More

Pizza Kidd – Prototype

Pizza Kidd is a side-scrolling beat ‘em up inspired by 16-bit era classics and 90’s Anime Sci-Fi, which sees a pizza boy battling hordes of grotesque monsters.

In Pizza Kidd you follow the adventure of Kidd – a pizza boy who awakens in the ruins of a pizzeria to find that monsters have stolen the sacred stones from his pizza-shaped necklace that was bestowed upon … Read More

Zillion: Assault on Maris – Prototype

Zillion: Assault on Maris is a fan made mash-up of the Zillion Anime show and the classic Master System light-gun game, Assault City.

Developer moonkey states that they always suspected that Assault City was created from assets of a cancelled Zillion game. So why not see what it would actually look like if it actually was a Zillion game? So far Zillion: Assault on Read More

Amira’s Blessing – Prototype Download

Amira’s Blessing is a beautifully drawn visual novel adventure about a young Hebrew boy who discovers he can travel back in time and change the past.

Taking place 20 years after Moses parted the Red Sea, Amira’s Blessing follows a 12 year old boy called Micah, who is on the cusp of becoming a man. His grandmother has tasked him with bringing in the sheep … Read More

Subugs – Prototype Download

Subugs is a very intense little survival horror game where you attempt to navigate a labyrinthine bug dimension that’s filled with massive unkillable insect monsters.

Currently in development by faxdoc (creator of Ecilia and Alice), Subugs is a short and tense survival horror game where you try to gather nine crystals in a dimension filled with giant bugs. The layout of the world is … Read More