Vital Signs – Prototype Download

Vital Signs is a tense physics-based zero gravity Sci-Fi horror adventure where a little droid uses slumbering human crewmembers as key-cards as it tries to escort them to safety.

Currently in development by a group of developers from Free Lives (creators of Broforce and GORN), in Vital Signs you control a hard working little medical droid whose ship has just been damaged by a … Read More

Everspace 2 – Prototype Download

Everspace 2 combines RPG elements, loot, crafting and trading with fast paced space combat as you try to make your fortune in a hand-crafted open-world universe.

A sequel to 2017’s well received original by ROCKFISH Games, Everspace 2 is a single-player space exploration shooter with RPG elements. In the game you’ll explore deep space and planets as you mine, trade and shoot to earn a … Read More

Ikai – Prototype Download

Ikai is a tense Japanese folklore inspired psychological horror game which follows a priestess as she vanquishes trapped spirits in a Feudal era temple.

In Ikai you take on the role of a priestess who was sworn to protect a sacred temple, but did quite the opposite. The temple is now forsaken by the gods and haunted by evil spirits. You must now make your … Read More

Ring of Fire – Prototype Download

Ring of Fire is a mature narrative-driven noir detective puzzle adventure that doesn’t hold your hand as you investigate grizzly murders on the hyper-stylized streets of the solarpunk utopia of New London.

In Ring of Fire you take on the role of a rather prickly and jaded Detective, who gets embroiled in investigating the brutal murders committed by the Ring of Fire serial killer. The … Read More

Needlesong – Prototype Download

Needlesong is a stylish little top-down twin-stick shooter where you kill your enemies with a mind controlled needle.

In Needlesong you control a little wizard who has a mind-controlled needle, much like Yondu’s arrow in Guardians of the Galaxy. Best played with a control pad, you control the wizard with the left analog stick and the arrow with the right analog stick, and you can … Read More