Grapple Hoops – Prototype Download

Grapple Hoops is essentially the most extreme basketball game ever created, which blends speed-running, grappling hooks, parkour and explosions as you race through its levels and slam dunk in style.

In each level of Grapple Hoops your aim is to get the basketball in the net as fast as possible. Dunking the ball is fairly easy, but getting to the hoop is another thing altogether! … Read More

Deathless Hyperion – Prototype Download

Deathless Hyperion is a tense and atmospheric retro Sci-Fi horror FPS where you blast your way through a monster-filled space station and use clones as lives.

Drawing inspiration from Wolfenstein 3D and Blake Stone, Deathless Hyperion is a Sci-Fi horror old school FPS set aboard a huge monster-filled space station. In the game you need to search the station for valuables and fuel, then … Read More

The Housesitter – Prototype

The Housesitter is a creepy text-based horror game with some fantastic ASCII artwork and animation, which sees you getting into trouble after agreeing to look after a house for a friend.

In The Housesitter your friend Rita and her son have recently moved into a new home in the countryside. Rita planned on renovating the house, but things haven’t been going very well since she … Read More

Black Resin – Prototype Download

Black Resin is a stylish cinematic pixel art stealth action platformer where you control a shapeshifting inky black creature as it sneaks and kills its way through an exploited war-torn world.

The visual style and gameplay in Black Resin is fondly reminiscent of Amiga era classics like Flashback, Another World and (the original) Prince of Persia. In the game you take control of … Read More

Balloonomania – Prototype Download

Balloonomania is a fun little high flying arcade game where you control a Victorian gentleman as he attempts to keep his hot air balloon airborne while being attacked by competitors.

In Balloonomania your aim is to travel as far as possible in your hot air balloon before you’re caught by a massive balloon that’s pursuing you. You do this by moving your balloon upwards and … Read More