AWAY: The Survival Series – Prototype Download

AWAY: The Survival Series is a beautiful animal adventure game where you control a cute little gliding possum as it goes on an epic adventure deep into the wilderness.

Drawing inspiration from nature documentaries, AWAY: The Survival Series allows you to become a sugar glider (a type of possum that can glide through the air), as you travel across lush forest environments in search of … Read More

Artificial Resident – Prototype Download

Artificial Resident is a cleverly designed Sci-Fi first person puzzle platforming adventure where you transfer your consciousness between robotic bodies and solve challenging puzzles inside a massive test facility.

In Artificial Resident you are given the chance to host your consciousness in a robotic body which won’t perish like flesh and bone, but you must prove that you’re worthy by making your way through a … Read More

Sugar Overkill Arena – Prototype Download

Sugar Overkill Arena is a fast paced 2D arena platform shooter that plays a little like Super Crate Box, but with a large selection of stackable power-ups.

In Sugar Overkill Arena you start in the arena with a basic gun which you use to blast enemies which spawn from randomly located portals. However, as you blast your way through the enemies some of them … Read More

WHAT THE GOLF? – Prototype Download

WHAT THE GOLF? is a fantastic new physics based golfing game that sees you knocking balls, golf clubs, golfers and other oddities around colorful and creative golf courses that inject a healthy dose of fun into the age old game of stick ball!

In WHAT THE GOLF?, you are playing a simple game of golf, attempting to knock your ‘ball’ towards your target in … Read More

HyperParasite – Prototype Download

HyperParasite is an 80’s inspired top down shooter in which you control a parasite that can jump between bodies of humans and steal new bodies if the old ones are harmed too much!

World War III is nearly over, Earth is trying to rebuild all that it has lost and is hopeful for the future. Everything seems like it is going to be okay, until … Read More