HyperParasite – Prototype Download

HyperParasite is an 80’s inspired top down shooter in which you control a parasite that can jump between bodies of humans and steal new bodies if the old ones are harmed too much!

World War III is nearly over, Earth is trying to rebuild all that it has lost and is hopeful for the future. Everything seems like it is going to be okay, until … Read More

Jack and Casie – Prototype Download

Jack and Casie is a unique inventory-based puzzle action game about a special case and a skilled soldier, traveling around the world, picking up and using whatever useful items they find.

Jack and Casie don’t have much of a history. Casie is simply a warrior, who found Jack – a “walking talking superdimensional storage closet”. Jack wants to know more about his origins, so Casie … Read More

The Quiet Things – Prototype Download

The Quiet Things is a short, thought provoking first person narrative experience, based on the real life diary entries of Alice, a teenage girl who deals with suicidal thoughts and a compulsion to self harm.

The narrative of The Quiet Things plays out via a series of interconnected scenes, with you looking at diary pages and personal objects to trigger a section of narrated dialogue … Read More

Bound to Light – Prototype Download

Bound to Light is an atmospheric and claustrophobic adventure in which you creep about, saving souls, swapping between bodies and solving puzzles while avoiding the monsters that lurk in the darkness.

In Bound to Light you control a mysterious being of light who it making their way through the ruins of a labyrinthine temple. A lot of the rooms you enter will require pressure pads … Read More

Larme – Prototype Download

Larme is a well crafted 2D Sci-Fi puzzle platforming adventure set in a beautifully painted biomechanical world, in which you use special goggles that allow you to see into another time.

In Larme you take control of Ramiel, a child who goes searching in his missing parents footsteps through a beautiful painted biomechanical world. Ramiel’s parents were scientists who had created special goggles that allow … Read More