CODE:DINO-H – Prototype Download

CODE:DINO-H (previously called Dinohazard) is a tense and atmospheric Dino Crisis inspired PS1 styled survival horror game where you attempt to escape from a frostbitten research facility that’s overrun with dinosaurs.

Feeling like a blend of Dino Crisis and The Thing, in CODE:DINO-H you take on the role of the last surviving member of a team that was stationed at a mysterious research … Read More

What Lives Below – Prototype Download

What Lives Below is a fantastic sea monster hunting game that could perhaps best be described as Shadow of the Colossus on a boat!

In What Lives Below you set out to sea in an absurdly small boat to slay some absurdly large sea monsters. They really are gigantic and they have an assortment of different ways to smash your boat to smithereens. Don’t worry … Read More

Pocket Fighter EX – Prototype Download

Pocket Fighter EX is a fan made fighting game that aims to blend the gameplay and characters from a variety of Capcom and SNK fighting games, all wrapped up in a beautifully animated pixel art visual style.

With a pixel art visual style that draws inspiration from NeoGeo Pocket Color fighting games, Pocket Fighter EX is a great little fan made Capcom and SNK fighting … Read More

Untangled: Payback – Prototype Download

Untangled: Payback is a brutal and beautifully animated cinematic 2D action platformer adventure that draws inspiration from 80’s action movies as you fight your way through a heavily fortified gang headquarters after a good deal goes bad.

Playing a little like 90’s classics Another World and Flashback, Untangled: Payback is a cinematic action platformer which follows the story of Clyde – a grizzled hero … Read More

Grapple Hoops – Prototype Download

Grapple Hoops is essentially the most extreme basketball game ever created, which blends speed-running, grappling hooks, parkour and explosions as you race through its levels and slam dunk in style.

In each level of Grapple Hoops your aim is to get the basketball in the net as fast as possible. Dunking the ball is fairly easy, but getting to the hoop is another thing altogether! … Read More