Puppet Master: The Game (Leach Woman Build) – Prototype Download


Ready for some cult classic horror asymmetric multiplayer this Halloween? Well you’re in luck, the Puppet Master: The Game developers have just released a new build of their game in time for All Hallows Eve, with a bunch of tweaks, improvements and the addition of a new fan favourite puppet – Leach Woman!!

For those unaware of Puppet Master: The Game, it’s a delightfully … Read More

Puppet Master: The Game – Prototype Download

Puppet Master The Game

Puppet Master: The Game is an awesome asymmetric multiplayer combat game that pits puppets against humans in a perfect homage to to the cult horror movies of the 80’s and 90’s.

We featured the original Puppet Master: The Game Prototype on Alpha Beta Gamer over a year ago and found it to be a superb take on the Puppet Master franchise and a great multiplayer … Read More

Puppet Master: The Game – Prototype Download

puppet master the game

Wow!  Now this is a blast from the past, and a very exciting prospect too!  Puppet Master: The Game brings those creepy puppets from the classic cult horror film back to life with asynchronous multiplayer as 3 puppets hunt down one big human.

For those unaware of the awesomeness that is the Puppet Master, check out the Movie trailers here, then go watch … Read More