Drawn Story – Alpha Demo

Drawn Story

Drawn Story is a nifty, little puzzle-adventure game where you must solve point-&-click-style puzzles by drawing objects for your hapless stickman friend to use.

Drawn Story has a lot in common with Drawn To Life, the action-adventure platformer originally released in late 2007 for the Nintendo DS. In both games, you must draw objects to complete puzzles and overcome new obstacles, though due to a difference in … Read More

Gorogoa – IGF Award Winner – Alpha Demo

gorogoa game

We see a lot of interesting games at Alpha Beta Gamer, but Gorogoa is 15 minutes of the most unique, innovative and intelligent gameplay we’ve experienced this year.

Gameplay is spilt across four beautifully illustrated and animated panels that helped win it the IGF Excellence in Visual Arts Award.  These four panels can be moved around, zoomed in and out of and placed on top … Read More