.ritual – Alpha Demo

dotritual download

.ritual is a stylish low-poly, first-person puzzle adventure game where you play as a young space wizard exploring a long forgotten city.

As you explore the ruins of the world, you must collect and reunite the scattered shards of an ancient, unknowable relic. Navigating this strange realm requires powering a series of architectural artifacts using the colored power orbs you find strewn across the land. … Read More

Right Click to Hack – Game Jam Build Download

right click to hack

Right Click to Hack, a game created by Mechabit for the Nordeus Hackathon 15, is an adorable first person puzzle adventure in which you control an entire team of robots by (as the title suggests) right clicking to hack your way to victory.

The 3 pieces that make up Mechabit (Kevin Tsang, Julian Fisher and Vivienne Wu) should commend themselves for making such an … Read More

Rocket Girl – Student Project

rocket girl

Rocket Girl, a student project create by Carter and Joel Hill, is a beautifully polished 2D Puzzle platformer with heavy influence from the game FEZ.

The game takes the concept of FEZ and highlights it beautifully in this game. You must collect a certain amount of coins to progress to the next level. Using either the “b” and “n” keys or LB/RB on … Read More

Polyguys – Student Project Download


Polyguys is a simplistic, cooperative puzzle-platformer that uses basic geometry to tell a tale of the friendship between a pair of shapes.

Polyguys starts you off with the simplest possible angular shape, the triangle, and progressively adds more sides to your polygon as the levels progress. Puzzles increase in difficulty at a reasonable rate and when playing with a friend, solving each new problem feels … Read More

Invert – Alpha Demo


Invert, a game being created by Gkxd, is a 2D mind-bending puzzle platformer that will test your patience and puzzle skills to the extreme.

The game starts out simply, using the arrow keys to move left and right and the up key to jump will help you navigate the small platforming stages. However the further you get into the game the harder and more … Read More