Recollection – Alpha Download

Recollection is a cleverly constructed puzzle platforming adventure that sees you using time bubbles to restructure the world around you.

In Recollection you take on the role of Lirec, an unearthly being who has returned to the ruins of his once great civilization. The city is now in disrepair and filled with ruins, but Lirec has the ability to manifest time bubbles that allow him … Read More

Recollection – Student Project Download


Recollection is a short and surreal first person adventure puzzle game in which you explore the memories of an elderly man on his death bed.

Created by a group of students at Vancouver Film School, Recollection has a dream-like and slightly unsettling atmosphere and excellent visuals.  The puzzles are cleverly designed and require the same type of lateral thinking and experimentation that was seen in … Read More