Shhh – Game Jam Build Download

shhh game

Shhh, a quirky little game about oppression made for the #ResistJam, has you controlling a giant floating hand to censor voices of the people in your town.

In Shhh, you are in control of a giant omnipotent pink hand. The town around you talks about you or other groups of people via thought bubbles above their heads. You can grab onto these thoughts … Read More

(Un)Marked – Game Jam Build Download

Un Marked game

(Un)Marked, a unique adventure game made for the #ResistJam, has you deciding whether to do as you’re told or do what feels right as you play a member of a tribe that’s planning to commit genocide on the other tribe.

You are one of the Marked. Your tribe has stolen a precious gem from the Unmarked tribe and now has the goal of killing … Read More

The Cat in the Hijab – Game Jam Build Download

The cat in the hijab game

The Cat in the Hijab, a short but meaningful game made for the #ResistJam, has you playing a cat wearing a hijab (an Islamic head scarf) on the subway and conversing with some ignorant commuters about your attire.

In The Cat in the Hijab you play a cat on her daily commute to work. You take the subway to get to work, one that … Read More

NNC News, with Tom Vandercar – Game Jam Build

NNC News with tom Vandercar

NNC News, with Tom Vandercar, a super funny News game about censorship in the media made for the #ResistJam, sees you censoring the news real before Tom reads it out!

You are in charge of editing the news prompt before Tom reads it live on TV. This news has been typed up ahead of time, covering events that are important to the people who … Read More

Unloop – Game Jam Build Download

Unloop Game

Unloop, short, stylish and strange time traveling adventure made for the #ResistJam, has you trying to figure out how to escape an intense ever-repeating time loop.

You are a scientist living in a dark dystopian world. The government have strict control over everything about your life, including your lab, the food you are able to eat, and your studies as a scientist. You and … Read More