Elysis – Alpha Demo

Elysis game

Elysis is a charming and well crafted Link To The Past-esque top down action RPG in that focuses on gratifying, skill based combat as you explore it’s deadly monster-filled world.

Even though Elysis is still very early in development, the Alpha Demo is a very highly polished experience, with excellent pixel art animation, engaging combat and a fun and easily accessible tutorial. The current … Read More

Long Gone Days – Alpha Demo

lone gone days 3

Long Gone Days is a very impressive character-driven RPG that draws you in with it’s excellent pixel art visuals, unique combat system, and a gripping emotional rollercoaster of a story, filled great writing and major plot twists.

In Long Gone Days you play as Rourke, a Sniper specialist that is part of a large military unit know only as The Core. You have recently been … Read More

Flippfly Prototype Showdown: Round 3

roofus mows the lawn flippfly

Beware, beware the Ides of March as they bring yet another round of Flippfly’s Prototype Showdown to our computer screens! Of course, Flippfly’s fabulous prototypes are infinitely more enjoyable than being stabbed to death by angry senators in ancient Rome, but we’re getting off-track. We’ve previously covered Flippfly’s Prototype Showdown here on Alpha Beta Gamer; the last round saw wave-based survival game The Last Read More

City of the Shroud – Alpha Demo

city of the shroud

City of the Shroud is a fantasy tactical RPG that combines real-time gameplay with a unique combat combo system to deliver a unique, fast-paced battle experience.

City of the Shroud has a lovely illustrative style, with thick black outlines on the models and some very pretty pseudo-cel-shading. With the help of Moira Katson, an independent fantasy author, City of the Shroud’s developers have created … Read More