The Maestros – Open Alpha

the maestros

The Maestros a fast paced real-time strategy game which sees you controlling a commander who roams the battlefield, amassing an army of minions who can transform on-the-fly.

Your commander must gather minions by killing the local wildlife (the Tenchii), these minions are pretty underpowered and follow you around in herds like Pikmin, but can be upgraded at certain spots on the battlefield, allowing you to … Read More


Previously known as Halo Command, UNSC Warfare is an Online Browser Based RTS / Management game set in the Halo universe.  It puts players into the seat of a UNSC Ship and gives them the opportunity to lead their UNSC Forces to victory.

UNSC Warfare has an abundance of features in development, inclduing: PvP, Missions, and Lore based Content straight from the community.  The game … Read More